Ravaleando !

The Raval neighborhood in Santa Coloma de Gramenet has been the place of study and design for the students of the thematic workshop during the 2018-2019 academic year. On June 7, the students organized a presentation of the projects at the neighborhood civic center. The residents who were part of the projects themselves, the residents’ association, the mayor Núria Parlón, the deputy mayor Lidia Montero … and anyone who felt invited by music, drinks and paella were invited to the action. , which were not lacking in the event. In short, a celebration day that allowed the students to explain their projects directly to the people of the neighborhood and the city administration.


Raval – Santa Coloma de Gramenet


7 June 2019



Neus Valdellou Bifet

Oleguer Teixidor de Río

Rosa Llinás Queralt

Robert Rubio Portolés

Alice Ballesté Lemme

Paulina Acevedo Huerta

Karla Fosado López

Tania Castanheira Gomes

Guillem Gustems Ferrer

Carla  Bria Montcusí

Ariana Estela Andreu

Leonidas Koumouris

Paola Montes Negrete

Laura Llorca Rubiales

Roberto Pérez Rodriguez

María Auquer Sardá

Laura Díaz Sánchez

Catalina Francu

Aïda Lorman Losada

Uri Pascual Vallverdú

With whom