Over the Ring road

Covering the ring-roads has been the starting point for half of the students in the second semester of the Thematic Workshop in the 2018-2019 academic year. In front of the Raval neighborhood, and on the other side of the Besòs river, there is this road infrastructure that acts as a barrier between Barcelona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet itself. The assignment for ten students was to build housing on this urban highway. A section of the ring-road in front of the Raval neighborhood is divided into ten plots, and in each of these a student has to develop his project. But not in an autistic way, all the projects must follow common agreed norms among the students themselves and in turn establish relationships in the encounters of the different projects.

The result presented here is incomplete but exciting. A new front for the river from the Barcelona shore, which makes city. And that connects with the Raval neighborhood in a more interesting and active way. A new possibility to build housing in a city that needs it urgently, in a privileged place. 


Barri Bon Pastor – Barcelona


2º Semester TTAC 2018-2019



Neus Valdellou Bifet

Oleguer Teixidor de Río

Rosa Llinás Queralt

Robert Rubio Portolés

Alice Ballesté Lemme

Paulina Acevedo Huerta

Karla Fosado López

Tania Castanheira Gomes

Guillem Gustems Ferrer

Carla  Bria Montcusí

Ariana Estela Andreu

Leonidas Koumouris