Nau L – La Escocesa

In 2019-20 we are focusing in La Escocesa, an industrial enclosure in Poblenou. Abandoned for many years, it was reconverted into a self-managed creation centre. It is owned by the administration in a plot historically threatened by speculation and in a neighbourhood that suffers a gentrification process. La Escocesa presents a complex and fragile scenario: it gathers artists, administration of the arts centre and a gipsy community that squats the perimeter housing. In terms of buildings, only one of the warehouses is officially used by artists, while many are in poor condition.



The first intervention in la Escocesa took place in WAC’19, where AC collaborated with PeiLab from Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. Our intervention focused in two main topics: community and heritage.



After an analysis of the situation, we designed an “action” that could meet several goals at the same time. We decided to operate in one of the closed warehouses. In terms of heritage, we demolished the walls that covered windows and doors, and built a new entrance with recycled materials. With that action we claimed a space that had been closed for decades, and started a process of adaptation for further use as artist’s studios. While one of the buildings of la Escocesa collapsed as a result of administration’s inaction – a refurbishment project was designed but never executed – an informal action over a listed building as a platform towards heritatge preservation. Regarding the community, we chose music and dance as a cultural vehicle of the diverse communities that would meet on stage. In addition, we built an “air barricade”: an inflatable structure that connected the interior of the warehouse with the exterior.



This ephemeral action allowed that with a budget of € 48 / m2, the warehouse that we had opened could be rehabilitated as a work space for 7 new sculptors and 2 associations, making an open call and among which AC was selected. To build the dividers, recycled DM struts and boards were used.


La Escocesa – Poblenou – Barcelona 



Agosto 2019 – Febrero 2020

Who WAC 2019

Jhon Noreña

Angela Álvarez

Santiago Ribero

Sara Castellanos

Cristina Agredo

Alexandra Aguirre

Melissa Cartagena

Catalina Zamara

Daniel Rojas

Paula Cote

Juan Tividor

Clara Gonzalez

Manuela Ramírez

Catalina Kuan

Maria José Tenorio

Mariana Arbelaez

Valentina Abondano

Gretty Acosta

Santiago Rueda

Sergio Castellanos

Juan Camilo Márquez

Stephanie Ortiz

Jaime Díaz

Sebastián Giraldo

Daniela Amaya

José Rojas

Nicolás Agudelo

MªFernanda Amaya

Pedro Váquez

Lucía Redondo

Carolina López

Sebastián Neira

Augusto Puccini

Valentina Taylor

Angélica Ruiz

Ana María Gómez


Conchi Berenguer

Students WAC

Who Reforma La Escocesa

Equipo AC



Saray Bosch



Gabriele Bortoluzzi


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