Let’s rethink the district!

Collaboartive Game 2020

Let’s rethink the district of Sant Martí is a collaborative game where the District must avoid raising the pressure, in order to get the four treasures. Once they have been achieved, to win you will have to go to the d’enlloc al lloc space with the help of Arquitectos de Cabecera. On the other hand, if it sinks before the tasks have been completed, the game is lost.


Barcelona is a dense city, made by the sum of small parts and very diverse in most of its neighborhoods. It is also key to explain its challenges: environmental problems, mobility, housing emergency, the impact of the large on the small, the global on the local, the specialized on the diverse, the “exclusive” -and therefore exclusive ” the inclusive “- and therefore common and cooperative.


In the San Martín district, reflection on the reality of 22 @ and its evolution will be one of the basic themes. The city’s housing stock, both public and private, does not meet the needs of the city. She risks losing essential parts of her identity, her future and her social cohesion, with the neighbors who have to leave. Will this team be the first to grow from within, without kicking out those who are already there, improving the livability of the district thus becoming a goal under which to see and live again?

You can download the instructions here, and from here the files to print.



 Poblenou – Barcelona 



April 2020