Fábrica de Cartón

AC started up again, this time from the Safaretjos neighborhood in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. For the first time we worked for a whole year in the same place. We started in July 2017 with the WAC-17_Besós, (Workshop Arquitectos de Cabecera) and continued from September on with the TTAC 17-Besòs (Thematic Workshop Arquitectos de Cabecera), developing proposals in the neighborhood and its immediate environment.

It was a time of construction and visibility of the proposals and of exchange and interaction with the different agents with whom we collaborated. The “weaknesses” action that we carried out on the occasion of the closing ceremony of WAC-17_Besós in July 2017, on the land assigned to the Safaretjos ARE (area of special rehabilitation), was then complemented by the action that, on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the first term of TTAC-17, was carried out at the facilities of another future ARE: at the old cardboard factory on la Pollancreda promenade in Sant Adrià del Besòs.

The action developed within the framework of a festive day with popular food that took place inside and around the factory on sunday, January 2st. It was the opportunity to show and debate with citizens and the different administrations the evolution of the proposals that we developed, and which eventually concluded with a last action in July 2018 as the final closing of the course.


Llandrich old cardboard factory

la Pollancreda promenade, Sant Adrià del Besòs


21 January  2018


Students TTAC 17-18 1Q :

Matu Marsicano Lavitula

Julia Tarnawski Español

Laia Boloix Roura

Toni Planas Portas

Joan Ramon Pou

Christel Centelles Villalonga

Berta Vilar Moragas

Rasya Kumar

Rafa Salas Ventanyol

Anna Lletjós Mallofré

Marc Campoy Sánchez

Cristina Ferrer Teixidor

Fátima Diz Barreras

Cristina Villanueva

Marianna Sedrakyan

Asier Ovejas Aketxe

Peio Royo Zabala

Julen Arbelaitz  Mitxelena

Joaquim Escuer

Rute Castro

Andrea López Castillo

Miki Martínez Hidalgo

Iris Martín González

Miquel Benedito Ribelles

Marc Sánchez Alfonso

Laura Gómez Angulo

Andrea Ferrés

Conchi Berenguer Urrutia

Jon Bakaikoa Canflanca

Ignacio Urbistondo Alonso

Chengfeng Chen

Katerina Panagiotopoulou

Maria Vilà Serra

Faiza Boutabouzi

Xiahu Chen

Mario Cuevas Medel

Saki Kubota

Júlia Gras Collados



Ibon Bilbao

Josep Bohigas

Zaida Muxi



Saray Bosch



Adrian Pedrazas

With whom