Call for cartographies

A thousand homes in your house (rethinking housing from confinement)

#MilCasasEnTuCasa #ThousandHomesInYourHouse

Under a situation of confinement (in Spain from 15 March 2020 due to Covid-19 measures), housing is revealing its capacity to adapt to new and unprecedented uses. Office, library, gym, nursery, school, university, square, street… find their place at home. Neighbours relations are reshaped, and so do so our connexion with streets.

Arquitectes de Cabecera was born in 2013 in ETSAB out of an altered pedagogy as a necessary response to a convulse reality (the 2008 economic crisis) and has been evolving ever since.Thus, once more, the TTAC studio is adapted to this new and domestic routine, in which we propose to generate a domestic cartography of the unexpected situation where, in a situation of confinement, has become  the place where everything occurs.

We propose this research as a collective open-source investigation: a digital archive of domestic cartographies open to anyone willing to participate (architecture schools and universities, architects, individuals…) to represent the new situations that occur at home, the new and unexpected activities, to rethink house’s uses and possibilities, to research how each user is reinventing and reinforcing his/her own idea of domesticity, the coexistence of the household, the interdependence between the interior and the urban… the thousand homes that inhabit each house…

– how does housing respond to the need of adaptation to new activities in this situation of confinement? which are the limitations regarding spatial design?

– how are relationships and routines between household members affected, and how is privacy managed?

– how are the street and the community lived from domestic confinement?

– what is the impact of digital media in domestic privacy?

We propose the drawing of cartogrACphies: graphic representations of the architectural space, its uses and users in a way that subjects, objects and continents are understood jointly as a condition for inhabitation.

If you want to participate send us your cartography in free format to:


FB: Arquitectos de Cabecera


An image, a title and a brief description will be enough.We will be uploading the library of situations rediscovering, once more, the thousand homes that inhabit in each house.

Some thoughts of confinement can be found in this article and in this interview.